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AGASTYA, we are the manufacturer and exporter of Indian Natural stones like Marble, Granite, Basalt, Sandstone & Quartzite. We can provide Blocks, slabs and tiles as per your project and requirement.

We can provide below material :

Indian Marble

Ø Verde Green Marble/ Indian Forest Green Marble

Ø Mercury Black Marble

Ø Fantasy Brown Marble

Ø Toronto Marble

Ø Spider Green Marble

Ø Rainforest Series (Green, Brown and Gold)

Ø Indian Pink Marble

Ø Indian Lady Onyx

Ø Red Mercury Marble

Indian Granite

Ø Black Galaxy Granite

Ø Absolute Black Granite

Ø Tan Brown Granite

Ø Himalayan Blue Granite

Ø Paradise Granite

Ø Aqua Blue Granite

Ø Red Multicolor Granite

Ø Ivory Brown Granite

Ø Imperial Gold Granite

Ø Imperial White Granite

Ø Black Forest Granite

Ø Snow White Granite

Ø Kuppam Green Granite

Ø Viscon White Granite

Ø Platinum White Granite

Ø Pink Rosa Granite

Ø Crystal Blue Granite

Ø Crystal Yellow Granite

Ø Markino Black (River Black Granite)

Ø Alaska White Granite

Ø Alaska Gold Granite

Ø Peacock Green Granite

Ø Exotic Gold Granite
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